Re: can't get gnome calendar to sync

Quoting Matt Doyle <matt_the_bishop hotmail com>:

> Running Red Hat 6.2.  Installed:
> from HelixCode's site.
> All works fine, except the Gnome Calendar conduit which doesn't appear
> to do anything except open the calendar.  No data is transferred to the
> calendar.

I had similar problems but eventualy got it to work, sort of. It might be the 
conduit settings need to be set as "Syncronise", or perhaps it's just that 
calendar which pops up on sync needs to be closed and re-started to see the 

Dispite the fact that I got it to transfer data, it screwed the data up. 
Periodic events got their dates stuffed up, and to-do's are not synced at all. 
It does appear to be good enough for backing up and restoring to the pilot (I 
managed to apparently restore after a reset OK), but not for using calendar as 
an alternative way to manipulate the calendar and to-do data.

> Could someone point me in the right direction please?  What 
> versions/distributions of the packages would you recommend?  Also, which
> calendar file does the calendar conduit sync with, or does it just sync
> with Gnome Calendar directly?

I did a browse around and it appears that all effort on gnome-pim has been 
suspended in favor of Evolution. This means fixes are unlikely unless you or I 
do them ourselves.

gnome-pilot seems to backup all the raw pilot databases to ~/MyPilot/backups 
(or whatever it's called), and then use the conduits to transfer the data to 
the various applications. In the case of the calendar conduit, the data is 
transfered to a vcalendar file in ~/.gnome/<something I forget>.vcf which is 
used by the calendar application. This means that gnome-pilot should be able to 
recover everything from the backups on restore dispite the brokenness of any 
conduits (at least it could and I hope it does...but maybe not).

I had a browse around the gnome-pim and gnome-pilot buglists and found heaps 
outstanding, but nothing obviously discribing the corruption of periodic 
events. I did see something on the discussion lists about patches to fix this 
problem, but it doesn't look like they have been applied yet. Basicly, gnome-
pim looks like an orphaned project.

ABO: finger abo minkirri apana org au for more information.

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