Gpilotd wont sync after re-boot

Hello everyone:)
	I am very happy with the way gnome makes my Palm much easier to integrate into my desktop environment. Thank you all for the great work. 
	The only think I am having a problem with is that it will not sync with my palm after a re-boot. I have to start jpilot, and start the sync with it, then everything will work untill my next re-boot. Not a very big deal since I dont re-boot often, but I would like to find out why this is happening. I know everything is configured correctly since it will always work fine otherwise.
	I am running Debian 2.2, and I am using the helix gnome package. fuser show that only gpilot is using /dev/pilot, and nothing is using ttyS1. I cannot figure out what jpilot does right as I press the sync button that causes everything to work.
	Thanks again for all the work. If I find out any more, I will re-post.
	Randall Gibson

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