Re: pi_accept timeout problem

"David A. Desrosiers" wrote:

>         gpilotd-WARNING **: pi_accept_to: Connection timed out


>         We fixed this in pilot-link with a small hack to ignore loopback
> packets (which we were ignoring anyway, the fix is in slp.c, search for
> LOOP). I can't seem to figure out why gpilotd would still exhibit this
> problem, since libpisock has the fix, and presumably since gpilotd relies
> on the headers (and libpisock, no?), the problem should be gone. I'll dig

I've filed a bug, saying that the timeout needs to be configurable. I think
for odd reasons, some devices take longer or whatnot. Even my PIII sometimes

> Oh, and the condition you trap here in gpilotd/gpilotd.c:

>         if (device->port && strlen(device->port) > 13) {
>         {...}
>         ...has also been fixed in 0.9.5. Perhaps a simple dependancy check
> on it to ensure the users have this version? About a half-week away, and
> 0.9.5 will hit the streets live.

I will probably make 0.9.5 a requirement once it's out and I've closed some
and make a "stable" 0.1.56 release. Doing backwards compability is just too
much of a mess, and testing it is just *blech*.


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