Re: Visor USB

So I did.  Well this is were it gets fun.  The only thing I can recomend
is start searching for the errors in the code and trace through it.  Maybe
that will give you an idea.  Other than that I am tapped for ideas.  I am
just a hack not a hacker.  Good luck.

Christian Pearce

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Jeremy Muhlich wrote:

> Christian Pearce wrote:
> > 
> > huh...  Are you sure?  When was this release?  Do you have the proc
> > filesystem setup?  Log what gpilotd is spitting out.
> Whoops, pardon me.  Helixcode provides 0.1.52.  I was using the Mandrake
> rpms (I run mdk 6.1 but I install some Cooker rpms) which provide
> 0.1.54.  I already did send gpilotd logs, and you even replied to me:
> (and follow the thread). /proc/bus/usb is set up and working.
>  -- Jeremy
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