Re: Loading conduit "XXX" failed

Christian Pearce wrote:
> Hmm I had this problem.  Which conduit's are you trying to use?
> Let me guess gnomecard.conduit and gnomecal.conduit.  For some reason the
> default redhat install for the conduits differes from the ./configure
> --prefix=/usr do it yourself compile.  I don't even know where the
> gnome*.conduit's come from but I just copied them over from the redhat
> install to my new install.  I am fairly certain this is your problem but I
> think my explaintion is cryptic.  Maybe someone can translate.

<translation from="cryptish" to="english">
Your conduits are in the wrong place.  Recompile from source and be sure to
  ./configure --prefix=`gnome-config --prefix`

By the way, I've had no problems at all with the Helix Code rpms.  You can
save yourself some work by waddling over to and
downloading their setup.


Martin von Weissenberg  +358-400-314159
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