Re: State of pilot-link

So where is the CVS for gnome-pilot? In particular, gnome-pilot-conduits?

I got a chance to go an grab the malsync conduit and try building it, but I 
can't find the CVS. I don't see on sourceforge nor on and 
the link from the gnome-pilot page ( 
times out for me saying, "Host not found"...

In message <39DDD1C3 C82837A5 helixcode com>, JP Rosevear writes:
>Norman Walsh wrote:
>> / eskil eazel com was heard to say:
>> | I'll run this buy jpr who is porting the gnome-pilot standard abs
>> | code back to pilot-link where it originally belonged.
>> Apologies if this is a little bit off-topic.  What is the state of
>> pilot-link these days? I recall that it was moved to sourceforge, then
>> someone posted saying that it was supposed to be removed from
>> sourceforge and the new host was somewhere else.
>> Does pilot-link have an "official", active maintainer now?
>Yes, Dave Desrosiers (setuid) of linuxcare.

 Dwight D. McKay, Senior Technical Consultant
 Network Kitchen Consulting
 dwight net-kitchen com

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