Re: deps ? Re: Planning for March/April GNOME.

Eskil Heyn Olsen <> writes:

> On 22 Feb 2000, Bruce Stephens wrote:
> > Specifically, last time I tried to build an unstable gnome-pim (to go
> > with gnome-pilot), it seemed to require modules I'd never heard
> > of---is there a file somewhere showing module dependencies?
> Eh, which modules did it say it required ?

I was building from CVS, so all I know is that there was some header
which was missing during a compile.  This was a couple of months ago,
and unfortunately I don't remember the details.

> I know that cvs gnome-pilot requires : GOB and pilot-link gnome-pim
> then requires gnome-pilot if you want conduit support.

GOB sounds familiar.  However, that's just the point: the FAQ
<URL:> doesn't say
anything about GOB.

If people (like me) who haven't been tracking the development releases
for GNOME are to have a chance of building it (as opposed to
installing from binary packages), then there's a need at least for
something equivalent to the section in the FAQ.  

It needn't be dependencies (although that would be nicest), it could
just be a list of modules that just about everything else is going to
need (like ORBit, glib, gtk+, and, I presume, GOB).

> (and yes, in the last few days have destabilized everything in the CVS :)

Yes, I'm not updating anything at the moment.

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