gnome-pilot 0.1.50

gnome-pilot 0.1.50 is out, in fact has been out since Friday, but we
were away from the mail to send out the anouncement. Sorry about
that. This is strictly bug fix release.

GnomePilot 0.1.50


  * Development code available from the Gnome CVS server, module
  gnome-pilot, this release has tag GNOME_PILOT_0_1_50.

  * Also available from in
  .tar.gz, i386.rpm and .srpm form.

  Additional conduits (currently only the MAL conduit) are now
  available in the gnome-pilot-conduits package, cvs module
  gnome-pilot-conduits, this release has tag GNOME_PILOT_CONDUITS_0_2.

  Also available from in
  .tar.gz, i386.rpm and .srpm from

  This release is compatible both with gnome-pim-1.1.4 and current

  New since last release
    * New config scripts that integrate with gnome-config
    * Several GUI bug fixes for capplet and druid.


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