Re: How to use the file conduit and the FAQ

On 2 Sep 1999, Christopher A. Craig wrote:

> Where do I put files to enqueue them for the file conduit and is there 
> any way the FAQ could have information like this?  I would be willing

There isn't a specific place to put files, rather a program does this by
calling either the libgpilotd call or the CORBA call directly.

The libgpilotd call copies the file into ~/.gnome/gnome-pilotd/ since
gpilotd deletes a file after install. This behaviour ensures, that you can
install a file an later sync the file into the pilot, and the file may be
gone (nfs'ed or something).

But I suppose you're not asking about the programming aspects ; You can
either dnd the file onto the applet (which worked a few weeks ago,
probably broke again... lemme see... ooops). I a few hours, you can drop
the file onto the applet, or check gpilotd-client(.c) in
gnome-pilot/utils/, but bear in mind, this is a program for testing
gpilotd features, so its behaviour is erratic.

> to write it if I had a clue how to use this program.

A short intro on file installing would be welcome.


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