Re: The queue

> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 wrote:
> > It has a separate menu item "Install on to Palm Pilot" that, when
> > selected, puts it in the queue.
> Mmmmm... me like. Is it available somewhere (CVS ?)

It's in the newconduit branch of gnome-pilot under conduits/file
It's a pretty neat quick hack (TM).

> > Yeah -- I saw that.  The problem is there's no place to put that in the
> > menu.  I think I'll popup a dialog if there's more then one and ask the
> > user which one he wants to install...
> Thats probably the prettiest way, with an option saying "All pilots".

Will do when I get back from Ottawa

> > I'll try and look into it a little later if you don't get to it.
> Fixed, committed, targz'ed and rpm'ed at :)
> Company gave me neat laptop, so I'm not dependent on my flaky home machine
> anymore.

I'll try to propagate the changes into the newconduit branch

> But I haven't had time to look closely at the new conduit system. First
> glance said okay, even though I haven't quite figured what/how the signals
> do/work yet. And I won't get at it the next three weeks, going hiking.

If you need help with generic signal stuff, lewt me know...
If you look at the backup/file conduits, you can sorta see how they
basicly, you just need to do a signal_connect o your function to the
object.  The args should be the same, so you can keep most (all) of the
code from before.


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