Re: gpilotd & corba said:
> At a minimum I guess you just take a look at the existing path and
> make
> sure its really setup like you want before you use it.

> What do you mean ? 

What if you go in and make a link from /var/spool/gpilotd/drmike a file
in my homedir just to be mean. This is before I've ever run gpiltod, so
that it hasnt created that file yet.

When I run get around to running gpilotd for the first time, and it starts
using /var/spool/gpilotd/drmike as a path, it will screw up the file
you maliciously linked to.

This is my understanding of this attack. I think there are other possible 
ways to take advantage of being able to predict the name of a file
which is created in a publicly writable area.

Dr Mike

Dr Mike

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