tinderbox patches

Hey, all-
Some notes. 

I've updated the patches to give much better atom output, and apply
correctly, so you might want to:

cd microtinder/jhbuild/
cvs up -C
cd ../
for i in `ls jhbuild-patches/*patch`;
  patch -p0 < $i

Also, I realized while playing with things that anyone running a
tinder on a box with no X should disable 'make check'; most non-lib
bits will fail if you don't have that turned on. If you do have X,
edit tinder.sh by adding 'xvfb-run' before the jhbuild command, and
most things will do much better.

Still more needs to be done- the tinderplanet needs to segregrate
'boxes that have never built' from 'boxes that are expected to build',
and I need to actually get my successful build out from behind my
firewall. Might get to those later tonight, we'll see.


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