Re: sample nautilus SRPM does not build on RH 7.0

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 01:00 am, Paul Jenner wrote:
> On 21 May 2001 10:02:28 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > Do you have the errata from Red Hat 7.0 applied?
> I should have had but I'll try the vanilla SPEC again on a patched box.
> I agree with comments in this thread that the "enable-more-warnings" is
> useful for compilation and that those who don't know how to interpret
> and fix such things should be using binary RPMS.  However, generally I
> tend to think that if software is packaged for a distribution then it
> must be buildable on that distribution without changes.  After all,
> that's what packaging process is for.

I tend to think that you need to be up to date with the latest errata from 
your distribution, because at least in this case, many of these upgrades have 
fixed some serious bugs. Naturally, the packages should work well on a clean 
system with only official system upgrades - that is what packages should be 
built on, and built for.

> Hope these comments are useful,
> Paul


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