[Fwd: Adding application to Fifth toe 1.4.1 release]


I think it would be a worthwhile addition...


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Hi. I was wondering if I could get procman into the fifth toe release. I'm
sorry it is so late but I am not subscribed to gnome-hackers so I didn't
really know the time-frame.

If you don't know, procman is a process viewer designed to be a replacement
to gtop. The web page is here:

Latest release is 0.8, but I would like to do a quick 0.8.1 to fix a bad
memory leak. Otherwise the application is rather stable (at least for me),
and is getting close to feature completeness for a 1.0 release. It needs gal
and will work with gal-0.9.

Let me know what you think. Thanks,


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