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mån 2002-06-24 klockan 23.49 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> On 24 Jun 2002, Miles Lane wrote:
> But detecting it at boot time doesn't seem like a good idea, in truth my 
> laptop hasn't been rebooted for more than a week now that apm works right 
> (and I learned of all the quirks - unmount your network drives before 
> going to sleep when planning to move to a different network and all that 
> ;)).

That is another thing that would be nice to have. Some "Switch
network"-kinda applet/application. So that you can easiliy switch from
being at home or at work or whatever on your laptop. And get dhcp in one
of them and static IP in the other, mount NFS, use the correct ESSID for
your wavelan etc...

> On another note, if we don't have a PR man yet, and since people join the 
> list by proposition of others, I propose we invite Christian Schaller as 
> our PR man.  Every project should have one like him - the stuff he does 
> for GStreamer is just simply amazing.

Yeah, would be nice to not announce the project before we have
_something_ to show. It would be very nice to have Christian on the team

  Mikael Hallendal
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