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tor 2002-06-20 klockan 07.56 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Mikael Hallendal">


> > > * Understand and define your audience
> > 
> > I see two target groups:
> > 
> > 1) Users that just don't care about having to tweak everything and spend
> >    hours in config files just to get there desktops working.
> > 
> > 2) Application level developers (these also is part of group 1) that
> >    wants to develop applications for the desktop. And gets a nice 
> >    desktop with all the development tools they will need to get there 
> >    work done.
> There's a third group that fits in pretty well with the first (I'm not
> convinced that the second is all that useful, given the abundance of Free
> development platforms we have already).

The second group is important to us I believe, because this group will
be able to help develop the distribution and the tools on it.

> 3) Corporate users, who have very little control over what's installed on
>    their machines, and their administrators, who want complete control over
>    the machines and how they operate.
> I think this might fit in very nicely with the first user type. With the
> flick of a few switches (and probably an install option), the machine could
> be set up to authenticate from LDAP, mount home directories from NFS, and
> generally integrate nicely into a networked environment as a 'slim' client
> (running the apps, but everything else is across the network).

I agree that this would be very cool and will probably suit this kind of
distribution very well.

This can be done in two ways, either the 'slim' client you refer to or a
'thin' client where you have client machines without there own hard

I think in the long run we should try to get support for both of these
ways to be easy to set up.

  Mikael Hallendal

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