Re: goffice module in CVS

On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 13:56 +0100, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 23:54 -0500, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> > Ok, the process has started.  The new module lacks pkg-config and
> > autoconf but the initial surgery has been done.  Let's debate names
> > and file movement this week.
> > 
> > I'd like the goffice/gui-utils dir to be renamed
> >     goffice/gtk-utils
> > or
> >     goffice/gtk
> > 
> > Any other thoughts ?
> could this code be put into the already existing gnome-office module?
> Sven has been doing some work recently on it, and it would be nice to
> not lose his work. Or are things too different? (I ask, sorry, because
> no time right now to look at the code in the new module :)


cvs -z3 -d :ext:rodrigo cvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome co goffice
Enter passphrase for key '/home/rodrigo/.ssh/id_rsa':
cvs server: Updating goffice
cvs server: Updating goffice/goffice
cvs server: failed to create lock directory for
`/cvs/gnome/goffice/goffice' (/cvs/gnome/goffice/goffice/#cvs.lock):
Permission denied
cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository
`/cvs/gnome/goffice/goffice'cvs [server aborted]: read lock failed -
giving up

I can't read any other CVS module
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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