Gotmail Released!

Gotmail Released!

December 11, 2005 - The Gotmail project, a perl script which downloads mail 
from without user interaction, released version today. 

The primary feature of this release is the a rewrite of the debug output and
compliance of the script with common Unix-style applications where options 
from the commandline do one thing well. Because of these changes, the 
community asks for people to please test this new script heavier than normal,
and most definitely before its put into heavy use.

The Gotmail development community thrives off of users of the script, and ask 
for people to visit to test out the latest version,
file bug reports, and join the development process.

Itemized list of major changes:

    * Makefile simplified

    * Several bugs squished from the bug tracker

    * Output of usage info is simplified

    * Show sender and subject of deleted spam RFE implemented

    * Passwords are no longer included in debug files

    * System for debug output is completely redone to be quieter and have
      multiple levels of output.

        * No logfile output anymore (use standard out now)
	* Some output makes only sense interactively (detected and filtered)
	* Some output makes only sense when running in debug mode
	* Verbosity level filtering
	* Errors go to stderr

    * Added warning for the "Could not parse redirect location" warning 
      which is a problem with input users are entering in their usage of

    * Further clean-up in the codebase for future localization support

    * Inclusion of basic script for transporting hotmail emails to evolution

    * Fixed bug with --folder-directory not putting directory separator

Packages ready for download:

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