libgoffice (the one in gnumeric's source tree)

Hi all,

  I'm currently resuming my work on criawips as there's a certain set of
features that I'd like to see implemented for the Linux World Expo in
Frankfurt at the end of October.

  Is there some concrete policy how one should include code from the
goffice directory from gnumeric? If not, how "in the flux" are these
parts? Are API docs available for lazy (html browsing) people?

Kind Regards,
Sven Herzberg <herzi abi02 de>    � GNOME Deutschland <>
Jabber <herzi jabber org>         � ICQ <177176642>
GnuPG <F020 B158 2696 6D6A 2870 F53C 0565 FD6B B1C3 0AFE>
Criawips <>� GnomeGCJ <>

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