RE: Commit (HEAD): fix bug 6969 in prostitute.h


Setting up bugzilla right now on blueant (our mirror, that we've been
keeping up to date for about a year now, for cases like this). We're
working on the move to the new server, and will keep you all posted.

We can't move right away, since we do not have permission to CNAME,, and to blueant

This should be resolved withing days (I hope). We don't want to be
kicked from our new hosting site due to us not following proper


Op ma 03-05-2004, om 00:23 schreef Dom Lachowicz:
> This could have something to do with nyorp being firewalled due to bogus 
> "abuse". We're trying to migrate to blueant ASAP.
> Dom
> >I was suffering withdrawals on commit and bug messages in my inbox.
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