Re: Where Do We Go...From Here?

E. A. Zen wrote:

On 29/04/04 19:26:26, Marc Maurer wrote:

Gettting a new site would be a good start.

Maybe just dropping off what has been done so far (sans db passwords, etc) on a sourceforge project could help speed things along (since Ryan and whomever else could pitch in).

I'm ready and willing, since most of my web design shared some common underpinnings (my business web site and oss/abi anyone?), I can update my design, refactor so it's more like Charles', and have a full working version in about two weeks (got some hardcore work in the short term, hence why it can't be done sooner).

Given the full source code (in whatever serverside voodoo Charles may be using), I can probably hack my "marketing"/"branding" stuff into his layout (and fix a few platform bugs) in a similar to slightly longer timeframe. (Reason: more futzing.)

AbiWord is currently in feature freeze, and we will be killing bugs for quite a while.

Yes, this makes "now" the perfect time to catch up; little is wasted on thread reading ;o) If only I didn't have to worry about hunting down names of original patch proposers....

Ahh, barely into feature freeze and I already thought of some more RFE's. The devs will probably dislike me for that. Better brush up on C++.

What kind of cruft is floating around out there in the three current projects, and when will that get a reduction?


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