Re: MyBudget for GNOME-office?

msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:

Actually I'd venture that the windows port of python is more mature than
the windows port of gtk.
Sure, np with that. But having to distribute python with GO would suck
massively imo.

As a core developer of another GO app I have to agree that doubling the
size of the required GO package for Divifund does not seem to be worth it.
On the other hand I think it does provide a useful need. How about a nice
link to Divifund as an optional extra people might want to download?
*cough*associateprojectsonmytestbed*cough*.  Like apache's incubation.

We could do the same for inkscape.

There are some who feel quite adamantly that Inkscape does not belong in an Office suite, but rather in an "Art" suite. I contend that visual presentation is an office task.

On the other hand if someone feels like making window's CD's for sale it
may be worth bundling python+Divifund + inkscape(?) +? insert-favourite-
I would agree, the available space on a CD would be a help, and I feel this should be pursued. Especially as I use Windows mostly.

I guess if we get into the Windows CD business there is a large range of
nice extra GTK apps people might want to bundle. I'm happy to leave that
to the people interested in making such CD's.



But maybe I'm the only one complaining here :)

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