Re: MyBudget for GNOME-office?

> On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 15:14 +1000, Martin Sevior wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>>          I propose MyBudget (GNOME-budget?) be included in the next
>> GNOME-Office release.
>>          I feel a bit funny about asking this since MyBudget has had far
>> less work invested in it than the rest of the applications.
>> However it appears to have been well received by the community, uses
>> both
>> Gnumeric and AbiWord and it is productivity application.
>> We even have a Windows port.
>> Opinions?
> what GO technologies does it use? What plans of integration do the
> maintainers have? are they going to follow our releases?

MyBudget, now called Divifund is written in python.

At the moment we use GTK2.x, glade, libglade, GConf and pyGTK. In the
future we plan to use libgoffice for charting and graphs.

For integration:

We already export all our document views to AbiWord and Gnumeric. In the
future we may use the AbiWord bonobo component for a cheque writing
facility and maybe other purposes.

We're on track to have a pretty good release in time for GNOME-Office 1.2.
It's already quite a functional program. The next big set of features will
be Quicken, MS Money and GNUCash importers.

I've just created a gnome-cvs module called "divifund" which will be it's
new name. Ryan is putting together a web page for Divifund.



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