Re: [Inkscape-devel] Re: Why Inkscape is not in GNOME-Office??

Bryce Harrington wrote:

Ah, that could be that it's just miscommunication, but I did definitely
get this sense from a few sources.  For example, Jody's recent comment
about judging worth based on "use of GNOME Office technologies" seems to
imply this as a requirement.

I think he meant that an application that relies heavily on various GO technologies has a strong case for inclusion. It definitely wouldn't be a requisite. The whole purpose for sharing technologies is to reduce work by sharing load, not generate load for the sake of it. Right Jody? :)

I've also spoken with Keith Packard and Carl Worth about an SVG
presentation tool that they used at OLS, that iirc is part of xsvg.  The
cool thing about it is that it supported a stylesheet approach that made
editing the presentation in a text editor very easy.  The downside was
that it requires a lot more coding before it could be generally useful.

I'll keep a look out!

- Charlie

Charles Goodwin <charlie vexi org>

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