Mergeant 0.50 released

Mergeant is a database user and administration tool based on GNOME-DB.
It allows users to easily manage any database supported by GNOME-DB.

This is a development release, the first one after the splitting of
Mergeant into libmergeant and the GUI frontend, resulting in a much
better architecture.
This release works pretty well with PostgreSQL, but it does not work so
well for other databases. Please report any bug to

Changes since release 0.12.1:

 - Splitted data dictionary management to libmergeant.
 - New frontend.

Tarballs can be found at:

Mailing list is at:

To install Mergeabt, you'll need:

 - libgda >= 1.1.0
 - libgnomedb >= 1.1.0
 - GTK >= 2.0.x
 - libgnome/ui, libbonobo/ui >= 2.0.x

You can find more information at the projects' homepage

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