Re-energising th eGnome Office portal

The Gnome Office website is somewhat stagnant, outdated, and verging on redundancy.

Really, it should be a portal for all things Gnome Office. It should be up to date, aesthetically synchronised with, and contain reference material (such as tutorials) on how to get the best out of Gnome Office as well as how to use Gnome Office components in your own applications.

It should also be a centre for collaboration between Gnome Office projects. Currently, collaboration seems to be voluntary at best and is done 'in-house' between projects - a recent example being AbiWord / Gnumeric coordinated releases.

There are a few dead projects as well as some redundant links.

Agnubis is effectively dead, for instance. MrProject has since been reincarnated as Planner* and Sketch is arguably falling by the wayside.

* (

Open Office is not mentioned in any of the sections, but all it's components are listed in the reference links on the left.

Gnome Office could and should be a powerful suite of collaborating software. The website/portal should be embracing and encouraging Gnome Office projects and coordinating collaboration between them. It should be the entry point for people who want information and help with regards to Gnome Office. It should be an umbrella project that pools the community rather than a loose link between Gnome Office projects.

I suggest we put together a list of goals and ideas and see if we can the centre for what should and could be a broad and full suite of excellent office software for GNOME.

I'll start:
- The web page needs redesigning, something I volunteer myself for
- Forums to provide a single point for help with Gnome Office apps
- Coordinated releases of all Gnome Office projects
- Differentiating between active Gnome Office applications and
  hibernating / comatised ones
- Identifying the weaknesses in Gnome Office and pushing ways in
  which to resolve them
- Encouraging extra collaboration between Gnome Office components
  in situations where common ground is being repeated

Please add...

- Charlie

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