libgsf-1.8.0 released and relicensed GPL -> LGPL

libgsf : The GNOME Structured File library

    A set of i/o handlers and utilities to handle structured files
    geared for high-speed import and export of entire files.  With
    wrappers for zip, MS OLE, gzip, bzip and a nice set of libxml2
    SAX wrappers the library is in use within Gnumeric, Abiword,
    libwp, koffice, and other projects.  It is intended to replace

    This release is being announced more widely than usual to serve
    official notice of the license change from GPL -> LGPL.

libgsf 1.8

    2003 Mar 9
	With the approval off all contributors the library has been
	relicensed from GPL -> LGPL

	* Some extra casts to make Bloodshed DevC++ happy
	* IOChannel input work
	* BZ2 input & output
	* Return the derived types from constructor functions
	* Support GObject properties for the inputs and outputs
	* Start an AR infile
	* Start Win32 COM IStream input/output
	* Fix ms ole export bug that would not clip overly long file names.
	* Fix ms ole import bug with potentially invalid names

	* Improve mmap -> stdio fallback for freebsd

	* Added GsfInputIOChannel, a GIOChannel-based input.

Xavier Roche:
	* Patch some gsize == gunit32 assumptions.

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