Announcement: SquirrelFax 0.6.1


SquirrelFax SquirrelFax 0.6


Receive and send faxes using SquirrelFax.
Main features:
- view and print sent and received faxes
- delete sent and received faxes
- re-send faxes
- send ps and pdf files as fax
- interface with
- reads evolution and gnomecard phone book
- fully configurable, works with mgetty+sendfax
- supports most options of mgetty+sendfax
- comes with automatic installer, also sets up mgetty+sendfax for automatic receiving and sending faxes.

This is the first beta version of this software. It is already highly usable - though a lot of work remains to be done.
SquirrelFax is targeted at GnomeOffice (my ambition is to make it part of this project), it can read Gnomecard and Evolution phone books, and in the current version can automatically add a fax-printer to

Download SquirrelFax from the SourceForge project page (no homepage available - yet).

All comments, bug-reports, donations (I need a web page for this project, and a logo, and ideas, and more time, and a cold beer would be great) are highly appreciated!

Wouter van Marle

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