CFP: O'Reilly Open Source Convention -- Applications Track

Edd Asked me to forward this to the community

CFP: O'Reilly OSCON 2003 -- Applications Track


Hi, I'm Edd Dumbill and I'll be chairing the Applications Track at this
year's Open Source Convention. OSCON will be held July 7-11 2003, in
Portland, Oregon, USA.

I'm looking for people to propose presentations for this track --
ideally for 45 minute sessions. The scope of the Applications Track

     * System Applications
          + System administration tools
          + Servers/server software
          + Back office utilities

     * Desktop Applications
          + GUI systems (GNOME, KDE, Berlin, GNUStep, etc.)
          + Productivity tools
          + Other user applications
          + User issues

That's just a start -- if you feel you have a talk that falls within
this broad remit but want to ask first, please feel free to email me at
edd oreilly com 

** Submitting Proposals **

The deadline is February 15th 2003, so if you have an idea, please act 
on it now!  More information is available on submission at

The overarching theme of the conference is "Extending and Embracing
Proprietary Software", a fuller explanation of this is available at the
O'Reilly site

While proposals needn't be tied to this theme, it will certainly help
your chances of acceptance, and within the Applications track there's
plenty of scope for talking about the co-existence of OSS and
proprietary software in the real world.

If you've got any questions or would like to make suggestions of topics
you'd like to see in this track as an attendee, feel free to contact me
at edd oreilly com, or hunt me down on IRC -- I use the nick 'edd' on
Freenode, OFTC and GIMPNet.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!

-- Edd Dumbill

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