RE: Interesting comments on Footnotes

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 23:16, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> From my knowledge of the problem, this would probably be best done using 
> PangoLayouts and PangoAttributes. I'd imagine that the "problem" here 
> revolves around how Gnumeric interfaces with Pango and the user, rather than 
> Pango's inadequacies. Jody could probably answer this better than I.
> Abi's layout features are pretty darn good, but I think that it's probably 
> overkill for the problem at hand and probably harder to get off the ground 
> than something based around Pango.
> Specifically, text orientation is something that's supposed to happen in the 
> next major Pango release.

That sounds about right, at least for the short term.  Since Jody is
Gnumeric it would not be worth speculating further until he makes his
thoughts known on the issue - perhaps this is all already planned and
maybe even partly implemented?

> Finally, both Abi and Gnumeric are capable of embedding themselves inside of 
> other applications via bonobo. At the moment, neither is capable of being a 
> embeddable container. Also, there is no well-defined "GnomeOffice Interface" 
> that these components adhere to. I'd like that to change. Maybe you can help 
> that happen.

I would like to see Gnome Office become a strongly coupled suite of
applications that draw on eachother's strengths.  How a "Gnome Office
Interface" would work or be defined is beyond my current capabilities. 
The important thing, IMHO, is to get a discussion going that involves
the key hackers of the would-be Gnome Office applications.

So far that's at least yourself, Jody, and whomever is in charge of
Gnome-DB (apologies, it's late and I'm tired).

I'm going to try and contact a few other application maintainers to see
if we have any other wannabe Gnome Office applications, so that they can
join in.

- Charlie

Charles Goodwin <charlie xwt org>
XWT Foundation -

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