Release SquirrelFax 0.9

The last release before 1.0.


Still considered <beta>, SquirrelFax is pretty stable (for me at least).


SquirrelFax is yet another fax frontend, with support for Hylafax and sendfax+mgetty. SquirrelFax offers a GUI for viewing and managing sent and received faxes, and offers a user interface to the settings of your fax agent. Almost all options of sendfax+mgetty are supported, while the most important features of Hylafax are supported as well. The program also supports starting and stopping the services for sending and receiving faxes.

When installing SquirrelFax, you can have it set up a printer for, to send out faxes as if it is a far-away printer. To make faxing easy, you can select fax numbers from your Gnomecard and Evolution addressbooks.

You can furthermore use SquirrelFax from the command line to send out faxes, it then also supports sending multiple pdf and ps files as a single fax to one or more recipients.

New features since 0.7 (0.8 is skipped):

- support for multicasting of faxes: select multiple phone numbers.

- read multicast fax numbers from text file (comma, space, tab, CR seperated).

- read one or several phone numbers from the command line.

- tooltips on all buttons

- help implemented


There remain several issues with the Gnome environment to be solved (such as buttons made with Glade which do not show up during runtime) however this does not hamper functionality too much. Try it for yourself, and please send me all your comments/bugreports/etc.





Wouter van Marle

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