Gnome and :
> Sun is integrating their OpenOffice Suite with GNOME, which means all the
> applications of OpenOffice will become part of GNOME Office. The Open Office
> applications are currently not as integrated into GNOME as the applications
> listed above, but they often have more functionality.

Can anyone tell me what the status of this integration is and what it
involves? Are we talking gtk-OpenOffice? bonobo-OpenOffice? etc...

I recently started a project called Evovled OpenOffice ( )
which aims to integrate into KDE and GNOME- and since GNOME
is my desktop of choice most of the work goes into GNOME integration.

I've been trying to find out if Sun are actually working on integrating
OO.o into GNOME or if it's one of those things that get's promised and

I don't want to be replicating work, so if someone could fill me in
or point me to where i might find out I would be greatful.

Mark Finlay

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