Gnome2-Lyx [was:Re: Gnome Office summary from the Gnome Summit.]

merchan baton phys lsu edu (Gregory Merchan) writes:

> As a physics student, I hope GNOME Office will lick LyX. ;-)
> (Or maybe the GNOME UI of LyX will also be considered? It seems stagnant
> though. TeXmacs is cool for it's CAS integration, LyX's WYSIWY_M_ is far
> more appealing to me.)
LyX ist actually the best writing environment and most advanced
document preparation system around.  It is not just a LaTeX-Frontend
but a document processor in it''s own right. I'll ditch any of AbiWord
or OpenOffice for using the, for writer's purposes superior, LyX.

Unfortunately, the Gtk/Gnome port is lagging far behind the Qt2 port.
The people responsible for the Gtk/Gnome port could definitely need a
helping hand (or two, or three, or even more) to make some serious
advance. See ""; for the states of
the respective ports.  People interested to get in touch with
the LyX people regarding Gnome2: 

If with some help a Gnome2-LyX could be realized, it could be a nice
boost for Gnome2 as a whole.
                                  Cheers, P. *8^)
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