libgsf-1.1.0 is released

The first public release of libgsf has been made so that I can
release Gnumeric.  It is currently in 'pre-gnome2' along with
gnumeric but will move to unstable.

What is libgsf :
    - The GNOME Structured File library.
    - A replacement for libole2
    - A very simple i/o abstraction intended for use importing and
      exporting files.  No monitoring, no inline modification.

    The goal is to support various structured file formats coming
    from arbitrary sources to let us concentrate on parsing the
    content not the package.

An example usage
    Read a the vba source out of a substream in an ole file that is
    gzipped in a buffer we recieved from bonobo.

What is complete
    - OLE2 input and output (incl files > 6.8 Meg)
    - Gzip input
    - Text line input wrapper
    - Stdio input wrapper
    - mmap and buffer input wrappers
    - convenience routines for libxml2 for dom and sax parsers
    - optional bonobo stream wrappers

What is under development
    - Zipfile input and output
    - VBA source decompression
    - MS OLE2 Property sets

What we plan to add
    - File type sniffing that concentrates on accuracy at the
      expense of speed.  So that we can identify what type of
      gzipped xml this is.
    - Abstract interface to document meta data

* Availability

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