Becoming part of Gnome Office

Hi all,

I'm working on an application that I would like to become integrated with 
Gnome Office.  It's the graphical component of MDB Tools, which for those 
who haven't heard of it is a reverse engineering effort for MS Access 
databases (mdb files).  I've recently spent time porting it from 
Gtk-only/Gnome 1.x to Gnome 2.0 and converting over to using libglade.  A 
screen shot can be seen at [132K]

to give you a rough idea of what it does.  But, in general, it's a tool 
for dealing with Access databases under linux/*nix, which is something 
currently missing from all the open office suites.

So, my questions...What does it take to become part of Gnome Office, what 
types of things should be implemented wrt bonobo, gnome-print, et al?

One last thing, this is not any kind of competition with Gnome-DB, indeed 
Gnome-DB access providers will use the libmdb from MDB Tools.  This 
application is intended for making use of legacy data in MDB format.  
Right now support is limited to read-only catalog, table data and schema 
information, but I'll be adding write support, exporting of Access forms 
to Glade XML format, doing something with the embeded VBA script and Gnome 
Basic (TBD), and other very specific Access things that Gnome-DB will 
never support being a general solution.



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