Re: [gnome-db] Re: libgda/libgnomedb/mergeant 0.9 have been released

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 18:15, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> >Congratulations to the gnome-db team!
> Yay!! Congrats!
> >Dom recently committed code to enable mail merge features in abiword. I
> >hope we can hook that up with gnome-db/gnumeric to enable easy generation
> >of documents from databases and spread-sheets.
> If you'll look at the abiword-plugins/tools/gda/unix/AbiGDA.cpp you'll see 
> exactly what you're looking for, Martin, albeit in a bit of an embryonic 
> form. Hopefully by tonight I'll have something worth announcing to the 
> AbiWord mailing list. 
wow, this looks really good. I've got some comments from a quick look at
the code:

* you've got a comment, in line 70:

	// now, get the column title, and we're home free

in case you don't know, you can get the column title by using

* in GDA_execSQL, you can easily reuse the GnomeDbLogin (from
libgnomedb) widget if you want to get from the user the data required to
open a connection. Since GnomeDbLogin is a simple widget, you can create
a dialog with it, and add an entry for getting the SQL command.
Also, instead of:

	GList *reclist = gda_connection_execute_command ....

you can do:

	GdaDataModel *model;
	model = gda_connection_execute_single_command

which will get you a single data model from a single command, thus
avoiding having to deal with the GList. Also, if you use libgda from CVS
HEAD, you might want to add, to the call to gda_client_open_connection,
the GDA_CONNECTION_OPTIONS_READ_ONLY new argument, which will force the
connection to be opened in read-only mode, thus avoiding possible
unauthorized modifications of the database. This option is still not
implemented in all drivers, but you should make sure you use it, so that
when available in all drivers, abiword will just work as expected.

Apart from that it looks really good, and I'm willing to see it working.
For the time being, I'll try to compile abiword from CVS and see if I
can help you a bit on this.

/me is glad to having to add abiword to list of apps that use libgda :-)


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