Re: SUN and GNOME-Office

According to Hubert Figuiere <hfiguiere teaser fr>:
> > 	 Thanks for this. I went to their website out of curiosity to see
> > if Abiword was included in their package but something prevented me from
> > registering at first attempt so I gave up. Do you knowif SUN includes abi
> > with their gnome 1.4 release?
> From what they say, I don't think. But I have NOT tried as I don't have a Solaris 8
> machine here.
> I'll check more deeply now that I have found my registration info.

You have a fairly complete list of what is in GNOME 1.4 Sun distro:

In extra apps there are Dia, Sodipodi, GIMP and some other programs, but no Abiword 
neither Gnumeric.

For those who are really willing to try, count 100MB of download. I will not
do it from work.


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