Sodipodi 0.23 is released

Hello all!

Sodipodi version 0.23 has just been released.

What is Sodipodi?
Sodipodi is general vector drawing application, something like
Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator (or like Sketch, OpenDraw or
KIllustrator from free software world).

What's new?
- Internal object structure has been improved (me)
- Objects have global opacity (includin bitmaps) (me)
- Improved visual guides (Frank)
- Almost full set keyboard shortcuts (Frank, me)
- Object sensitivity can be toggled (me)
- Ask before closing modified document (me)
- Selectable levels of bitmap oversampling for nice display (me)
- Experimental gradient support - only loading and display,
  neither editing nor printing works yet
- Bugfixes (everyone)


Project homepage

Best wishes,
your Sodipodi team

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