TIFF rendering engine for IMPRESS

Hi Dieter,

as I see it, if I don't do who will? Some may join me later... As long as
you don't mind supporting a beginner I would take the challenge. I need a
new challenge anyway and contributing to open source appeals to me. Anyway,
I need first some practice in C++ and see whether it can grow on me... A
project like this would give me at least a reason to become serious with
C++. Until now I did not see a point in learning C as I loved assembly

I would approach it from the lowest level by writing the routines for the
integration of the tiff objects into one frame.This is the output format.

Level 2 would be conversion of the various objects into tiff. Maybe the
routines are available from the Eye of Gnome.

Level 3 is a 'viewer' that exports each single object into a separate file
as in HTLM with description of each position within the frame. The position
is calculated on a time base of 24 frames per sec for instance.

Level 4 is the desktop of the renderer with menus to select file, frame
rate,outp port (like network or CD writer) and a frame counter to assign
automatically each frame a successive 5 digit file number.

Anyway, in what language do you describe the animation? Java?
I would need some help to study the various graphic file formats...

Best Regards to Hamburg!!
from a German in Sri Lanka...


Hi Joachim,

you need much experience in C++ and Open Office API to develop such a
rendering engine and the main problem is that there's no complete
documentation (except the OpenOffice API). So I think it might be a hard way
for you. But if you like to do the job you're welcome and we would like to
support you. If you have any further question, please contact me again - but
please use the public mailing list, so that the community can participate.

Btw: Yes, I'm German and live in Hamburg as most of the StarOffice
developers. Are you German too?



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> In principle yes, but I have never written programs in Linux. My expertise
> is limited to RISC and Intel micro controllers for which I write programs
in assembly. I would have to learn first the Linux development environment
and programming language. This does not scare me, though. I assume this
be similar to C ? I have not written much in C since I like more assembly.
> Whatever, the problem seems to me the extraction of animated objects and
> their integration for which one needs to know the entire program... Is
> Impress already running? Is it well documented?
> I doubt I have sufficient know how to be of much help. However, if the
work is confined to some routines and the image structure is clear, I would
study the language and write programs...It's anyway a passion..
> A private question: Your name looks rather German. Are you?
> Regards
> Joachim
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> Hi Joachim,
> that sounds interesting to me.
> Are you willing to contribute some work on this issue?
> Regards
> Dieter
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> Subject: Gnome
 May I suggest to develop a rendering  engine for Impress as well to
enable educational video developers to render slides and animation into tiff
files at a rate of 24 frames per sec for video editing...
> >
This would be a great thing. Until now MS Ppt cannot be converted into
video format. But educational programs still need to be converted into
video for broadcasting. This is possible with tiff. There is a great
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Joachim Beyer
> > Sri Lanka
> >
> >

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