Re: GNOME Office and OpenOffice


I'm a user and not a developer of GNOME Office.  I use abiword, gnumeric & dia
-- I have tried on several occasions StarOffice (OpenOffice), but I don't use it
for a variety of reasons.  What ever the GNOME Foundataion decides, please keep
the users in mind -- not just the code and politics.

I don't see a problem with 2 office suites, GNOME Office and Open Office --
there must be something I don't understand about GNOME's organization.  In fact,
I thought it was a good thing to have choices it allows users to find what's
best for them and a little healthy competition is usually helpful.  Hopefully,
the best code in each project will be used and the there will be different
interfaces and features. 


Bill Tihen

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