Re: The Tempest

Martin Sevior wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, David Mohring wrote:
> > After lurking upon this list for a while, I think it it time to
> > define ( if somewhat weirdly ) some concepts...
> >
> >
> > And four classes of gnome office "suite" projects ...
> >
> > Spirits :Iris,Ceres,Juno etc.
> >       e.g.. Gnumeric, Dia, Evolution, Gimp
> >       Existing native gnome applications - together as a suite.
> Abi is an existing native Gnome application.

But unlike the above it is also a cross platform application. 

> >
> > Sycorax : a Hag.
> >       e.g.. OpenOffice Koffice XEmacs-Gtk Abiword Gnucash
> >       Cross platform with a gnome-fied port.
> >       for each existing office suit and app, not native to gnome,
> >       get each to work within gnome and accept and serve bonobo'd
> >       objects.
> Abiword should not be here.

But like all the above Abiword is a cross platform application, Gnome 
programers are in general, not freely able to add gnome office features
and refactor, as they can with a solely native project such as gnumeric, 
without being under the restraint of the source being portable to the 
other supported platforms - win32,BeOS,QNX and MAC. 

The description "a Hag." is the one given to the character in the Tempest,
who was not native to the sourcers isle, and was not meant as a description 
of the the quality or performance of the above products. 
I apologize if you or others where offended .

David Mohring - The original questions remain unanswered ...

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