Re: Bonobo - storage formats ...

Martin Sevior <msevior mccubbin ph unimelb edu au> writes:
> I think that unless someone comes up with an xp way of doing component
> integration Real Soon Now, embedding of compoenents in Abi will be
> Gnome-only thing. This makes sense since no other platform is going to
> have anything like Gnome's array of components.

Well, not really - Windows has far, far more components/controls than
we do, and being able to use them would be a very important
requirement for a full-featured Windows word processor.

(Clarification: component == object derived from IUnknown or
BonoboUnknown or whatever, doesn't have to be graphical; control ==
type of component that implements specific interfaces allowing it to
act as a widget.)

I'd guess Mozilla has code to make a COM object look like an XPCOM
object, which might be a starting point for you guys.

It's worth pointing out that all these large desktop apps seem to be
built with COM-style components, including Mozilla, OpenOffice, and
MSOffice. At the moment we are not using Bonobo to anything like the
extent they are using components in those apps. One consequence is
that we don't have anything like the ability to write part of the apps
in a scripting language or in Java. Another consequence is simply that
the apps are harder to write. This is something we should be trying to
fix most likely.


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