Re: What is GNOME office?

<quote who="James Henstridge">

> On 18 Nov 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Word processors do not generally have any way to manipulate semantic
> > tags.
> Yes they do.  They are called styles in MS Word.  Anyone who uses a WP for
> significant sized documents will set up styles rather than bold, italic,
> etc.  You could preserve a lot of the structure in a docbook document by
> mapping the elements to styles of the same name.

Indeed. Also, anyone who's used MS Word for large documents knows the
utility of its tree view (given some funny name, "master" document or

Given that we - and many other projects - are so caught up in DocBook,
AbiWord could indeed become the fastest "development environment" for
DocBook documents, this side of prorietary software of course. I'd *love* to
see it happen... It'd sure lower the barriers to entry for documenters.

If I could write up my documentation in a WP with tree view and immediate
"preview rendering" instead of doing the vi/jade shuffle, I would. Emacs
users have full permission to call me a sissy. ;)

- Jeff

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