Re: What is GNOME office?

Havoc has presented a lucid explanation of the issues on XP toolkits.
Any chance we can get Abi to use Gtk+ as the main toolkit, and
encourage ports by having the underlying Gtk+ ported over your
favorite platform?


Good question, Miguel. I have advocated this is the past, but I personally don't see it happening. It has its good and bad points, IMO. IIRC, Abi once got a patch (that was applied) that allowed it to build using Tor L.'s win32 gtk port or winelib on Unix. I don't know if this still works or how well it ever worked, but it's a possibility.

Any XP toolkit we'd use (such as gtk, wxwindows, qt, whatever) would have to have a very native look-and-fell, something that all lack to some degree (gtk moreso than the others). Choosing gtk would be the sensible option if we were to do this, since we have a gtk codebase already in place. We'd probably need to to really concentrate on making a native win32 gtk theme that is indistinguishable from native win32.

The downside Uusing win32 as an example) is that we'd either:
1 - have to ship abi with a statically linked in gdk, glib, and gtk
2 - require people to go install them from
3 - ship the libraries in our installer

None of these, unfortunately, is ideal, unless either:
1 - Gnome-Office starts shipping on CD Roms for Win32 (won't happen in the near future) 2 - MSFT starts shipping GTK with the OS (will happen when hell frezzes over)

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