Re: What is GNOME office?

From: Joe Shaw <joe helixcode com>

> As a gnucash hacker and Gnumatic employee, I've been wondering where
> the Gnome Office folks see gnucash fitting in to this picture.  Is
> there a desire for a finance-type program in the office suite?  Is
> gnucash the only candidate?

I personally would love to see gnucash in the office release, especially
if it is bonoboized; I can see a lot of interoperability between gnucash
and gnumeric. I used gnucash a while back (I haven't checked up on it
recently) and it's a really slick piece of software.

It would be very nice to have in GNOME Office. I'd love to be able to drop reports into gnumeric, and thence into an abiword document or achtung presentation. (yeah, I know ... things aren't quite ready for that level of integration, but I can dream. Can't I?)



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