RE: What is GNOME office?

Miguel said:
> > (2) means Gnumeric, Abi & friends.
> One thing needs to be said about Abi: Abi is as GNOME compliant as
> StarWord can be in the short term: they do not use GNOME libraries
> internally, they do not depend on it.

Miguel, here you're just wrong.
Abi uses the GNOME libraries internally.

> Abi is a cross platform project that has little to do with GNOME,
> except that they do have a "port" to GNOME.

"port" is not the correct word.  "front-end" fits better.
Abi compiled with the "GNOME frontend", builds all his windows using the
gnome libs.  No XP toolkit.  Just the gnome libs (right now it uses the
gnome libs, gal & gnome-print).

If somebody thinks that Abi build his GUI using the same strategy that
Mozilla or StarOffice or whatever, just take a look at the sources, please.

> On top of that, you have to factor in the fact that Abi is not really
> very robust.  Back in the early days of Helix, when we were looking
> toward creating an entire office suite, it was obvious that we would
> have to start a new word processing effort for GNOME, as Abi did not
> fit the requirements to go against an offering like Microsoft Word.

right, but I will left the stability problem for the 1.0 version (if abiword
crashes very often at the 1.0 version, then we will have a serious problem).
Right now evolution & nautilus crashes many more than AbiWord in my


Joaquin Cuenca Abela
cuenca celium net

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