Re: What is GNOME office?

Sander Vesik <Sander Vesik ireland sun com> writes:

> On 16 Nov 2000, Mathieu Lacage wrote:
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> > 
> > And no, I am not an extremist but as far as I can tell, GNOME is aprt of the GNU
> > project (ie: the G) which means that GNOME is either GPL or LGPL.
> > Having a non-fully GPL/LGPL codebase part of GNOME would not make much sense for
> > the exact reasons outlined here: I will neither assign copyright of MY code to
> > anyone and my code will not be anything but GPL or LGPL.
> > 
> Yeah right.
> Since when does the FSF endorsed "our software" list include only things
> that are under GPL/LGPL?

who is "our" ?
        - if it is GNU, then I know of no GNU software which is not
        GPL/LGPL (ie: it is the definition of GNU)
        - if it is GNOME, then I can tell you that there is no official
        GNOME software which is not GPL/LGPL.
        - if it is Sun, then, I understand you might feel unhappy about
        having the FSF dictate your policy towards licencing but Sun
        seems to be willing to be official part of the GNU project so
        it could start by folowing its rules :)

I do not realy understand your arguments and I guess this is due to 
us not talking about the same thing. Could you try to make yourself
clear to me ? 

My own position is pretty simple and clear:
        - GNOME is GNU
        - GNU is all about GPL/LGPL

The GNU project endorses a number of official GNU programs which are GPL/LGPL.
Now, I understand not everyone can agree with GNU and its goals but in that
case perhaps they should not try to be part of a GNU project.

If GNOME were to officialy decide that a project which requires its contributors
to dual licence their code to something else than the GPL/LGPL to get it into 
the main codebase is officialy part of GNOME, well, it would not be really GNOME
anymore from my point of view.

That you may disagree with this and that you may not be happy with me asking Sun
to forget about its own licence, I understand very well but it is just a matter of
definition. OO can be a GNOME application but it cannot be part of GNOME if it
is not GPL/LGPL.

I know, life sucks.


Mathieu Lacage <mathieu eazel com>

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