Re: [dev] GNOME Office and OpenOffice

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 05:00:54PM +0100, Klas Lindberg wrote:
> My two cents on Abi vs OpenOffice:
>  I may be very wrong about this, but as I've come to understand is, Abi is
> working specificly with providing the GNOME Office with a portable word
> processor component. OpenOffice (or rather Sun, maybe?) is more concerned
> with the creation of a full office suite that is much less tied to a
> specific platform -- one that could happily replace installed Star Offices
> in a few years.

You are so very terribly wrong!

While beeing able to provide GNOME a word processing component is a neat idea, it is not something for the near future.

Currently, AbiWord is, I believe, by FAR the word processor which is available in the larger number of platforms.

Here is a short list: beos, mac, qnx, unix, win.
Bear in mind that by unix, you should really read: any unix that can compile (currently at least: linux, bsd, solaris, and a couple other can have a functional word processor).

AbiWord can't be said as "tied to a specific platform", specially since it's got this policy of including the same set of features on all platforms in each release (and preferably release for all supported platforms at once).

> In my view an office suite should be much like any distribution. Debian
> has its distribution of selected Linux stuff, Helix has its distribution
> of selected GNOME stuff, and GNOME Office should have its distribution of
> selected office components.


hugs, rms

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