[gnome-network]gnome-network organization


As some of you might know, gnome-network has been proposed for inclusion
on the GNOME 2.6 desktop release. The decision hasn't been made yet, but
some comments have been already done about gnome-network.

Thinking about those, I have thought about the future organization,
regardless of whether g-n is included in 2.6 or not.

First of all, it seems the current situation of an assorted set of tools
is a call for disaster as soon as we start growing and adding new tools.
So, one of the things that have been said is to split the different
tools into their own CVS modules, and have their own release schedules,
maintainers, etc.

Another thing that was said is the hacker-orientation of some of the
tools, specially the remote shell. A proposal for the remote shell stuff
was to add the feature to gnome-terminal, that is, a 'Connect to Server'
item in the menu that opens a dialog similar to the current gnome-
remote-shell's window, asking the user for host/user/port. If we do
this, g-remote-shell will be removed, but we'll gain a better support,
IMO, since we'll have one app only for the job, and not 2 (g-terminal
and remote-shell). We could also do some work on the gnome-terminal
profiles, so that we can create profiles for accessing remote servers,
as what Ulrich has been working on.

So, given these thoughts, I have thought about going ahead and:
* put the desktop-sharing tool in its own module (gnome-desktop-sharing)
* put the netinfo tool in its own module (gnome-netinfo)
* think a lot about what we want for the remote-desktop client. Its
current state could really be improved, by being better integrated in
the desktop (like the remote-shell case explained above)
* move remote-shell functionality to gnome-terminal, if g-t's
maintainers agree.
* gnome-network, the CVS module will disappear, since it does not make
sense to try to have all tools under the same module, since it makes
things trickier and more difficult.

So, what do people think?


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