Re: Libgnome Gstreamer

On 4/17/06, michael johnson <buhnux gmail com> wrote:
On 4/17/06, Evan Briones <develop evanbriones com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I've been working on replacing esound with gstreamer. I have gstreamer
> currently working. Any how someone suggested I post to this list.

gstreamer won't replace esound, gstreamer is basically a big wrapper
to multimedia libs and programs. It even has a wrapper for esound

The goal is to replace libesd in libgnome which uses it to play
sounds.  By using gstreamer, gnome can use other output plugins and
play other formats of sounds.

In fact, the dependency is worse than just libgnome on esound.  The
API is not complete enough for some programs, including the sound
event support, which uses libesd directly.

- Ian

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